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Can I Serve This Organisation?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Mahmoodiyah


The honourable Mufti Sahibs/Aalims

Salaams to you and hope you keeping well.  May Allah accept your efforts for Deen.

I would appreciate if you could assist me in the following:

We have an organisation that I am affiliated to, to which I contribute financially and at times physically.  Recently I have noticed that there are some activities carried out at the centre that are disturbing.

The organisation invites Aalims from time to time to address the public.  Aalims that are invited are of the Deobandi school of thought while some are Sunni and some are modernists.

Our Deobandi Aalims make an excellent contribution and the public benefits a lot from their discourses.  However, I have noticed that once our Aalims have finished some members of the organisation who are more inclined towards the modern views come and misinterpret their discourse to suit their whims and fancies.  It seems that now there are some members that have an agenda to advance.  The organisation also publishes a newsletter.  Recently this newsletter has also published some articles that are aligned to the modernist ideology.  I have raised this concern to the Directors, but the concern has been left unresolved.

The modern Sheikhs come and give their distorted version of the Shari’ah.  For example they are against following one Imam.  They interpret Qur’an and Hadith according to their understanding without any sound reference from the books of the scholars.  For example one Sheikh states that three divorces are considered to be one.  They also mention it is permissible to have pre-marital talks to one’s fiancée.  I was always under the impression that this is Haraam.

I am now surprised to learn that the Directors have a plan to go ahead in trying to canvass for a “Muslim TV station”.  They are currently constructing a new premises to home this TV studio.

Mufti Sahibs my questions are:

  1. Is it permissible for me to be an affiliate of this organisation?
  2. Should I contribute to the organisation knowing well that they have modernist Aalims and have plans of the TV channel?
  3. Should I attend the programmes?
  4. I have been called to serve as a director on the Board, should I accept the offer?
  5. They always state that this is a service of Deen to the community and the people, why shy away from serving Deen?  If I do not accept the offer and sever ties from them, will I be guilty in the sight of Almighty Allah for not becoming a means of service for Deen?

I would appreciate an urgent response as the board requires an answer as soon as possible.  Sorry for the over indulgence.




الجواب حامدا و مصليا

It is necessary to establish an organisation by which Muslims can be educated, lectured and advised. If this organisation educates Muslims in such a way that their beliefs are corrected, a passion to do righteous deeds is created, the connection to Allah is increased and love towards the Sahabah and the pious predecessors is created then such an organisation is blessed and should be aided in every way possible.

However if an organisation educates in a manner which pollute the beliefs of a Muslim and criticises the pious predecessors then this organisation is corrupt. Instead of being a service to Islam it strives to destroy Islam. The establishing and assisting of such an organisation is not permissible.

 We do not know the environment of the organisation which you have mentioned. It is also difficult to establish an organisation against them. So our advice to you is that you shouldn’t leave them, in fact mix with them. Don’t pay any attention to their faults. If any lecturer propagates modern ideas which are contrary to famous Islamic teachings, then in the next function invite a clued up Aalim to speak on that modern idea (in order to clarify the right from wrong). He must lecture the topic in such a way that no doubt is created, nor any room for argument remains.

If you feel that this organisation is moving towards the wrong direction and there is no hope of correcting them, then you can leave this organisation.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf

Darul Iftaa

Jameah Mahmoodiyah


08 March 2006

05 Safar 1427

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