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Wetness around private parts

When performing istinjua after urinating I use water for washing (I use the Muslim Shower) I then dry myself with tissue. I suffer from extreme waswas and want to remove this. This can be done through knowledge. After drying I feel as if water is exiting the urethra or the vagina I do not know for certainty which. What is the ruling here? I do see water on undergarment garment or tissue. My research shows that any water that exits the urethra is impure ( even after washing) as it may contain nijasat- so how can we prevent water entering the urethra? Or is this research wrong? Even after drying I see Water droplets. I get up dry and wash again, get up dry and wash again to the point where I started getting an Infection. I can ignore this and just start wudu or my day to day routine, but is this correct. I think one of the sahaba suffered from this and was advised to sprinkle water on undergarment. My case is I know for sure water droplets come out after drying, so there is no doubt here, what can a female sister do?


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