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Whose Asar Namaz is due, gets the congregational Namaz of Maghrib,?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

I have some questions regarding Qadha Namaz.
1. If a person whose Asar Namaz is due, gets the congregational Namaz of Maghrib, does he have to keep the intention for performing Qadha Namaz of Asr while joining the Jamath or should he first perform the Qadha Namaz of Asr and then Perform the Maghrib Namaz?
2. If two people have their Qadha Namaz can they perform the Qadha Namaz with Jamath?
3. During a journey while performing Qasr Namaz, is it allowed to perform the Namaz of Asr with Namaz of Zhuhar in the time of Zhuhar?
4. If two or more people are performing the Qasr Namaz is it possible to perform two or the fixed number of Raka’aths in Jama’ath or should they perform individually?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1If the person who missed the Asr Salath is not a Sahib e Thartheeb, he would perform Maghrib Salath with Jama’ath and then perform the missed Asr Salath whereas it is not permissible to have the intention of Asr Salath as well, while performing the Maghrib Salath. By doing so neither Asr nor Maghrib would be executed hence abstinence is necessary.
2.If a Salath of a group of people is missed together it is permissible for them to perform it in congregation if they wish so.
3.According to the Ahnaf apart from two places i.e in Muzdalifa and Arafa during Haj, it is not permissible to combine two Salath in one Waqth. However due to the compelled situation of a journey if one Salath is performed at its final time and the other one is at its beginning, undoubtedly this is permissible but remember that each Saltah should be performed only within the particular time for it.
4It is Sunnath e Muakkidah closer to be Wajib to perform Salath in congregation. It is a sin and a matter of great loss to leave it without a valid excuse. Therefore, even during a journey it should be taken care to perform Salath with congregation if there are two or more people. If the intention of the questioner through this query is something else, by re sending the question with required details could enable a perusal.

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