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Umrah in Shawwal and Hajj ifrad the same year

I am currently residing in jeddah and intending to perform hajj this year. I’ve been told by several people that the best type of hajj for those living in jeddah is Hajj ifrad because jeddah lies within the meeqat.

However, I’m in a unique situation because I performed umrah during shawwal which is the months of hajj. And I was told that if you do hajj ifrad, you’re not allowed to perform umrah during the months of hajj. So I wanted to ask you what would then be the type of hajj that I should perform? And because I did an umrah in the months of hajj, do I have to sacrifice any extra damm?

The umrah I performed in shawwal was just a regular umrah that I perform frequently throughout the year. I wasn’t aware of the types of hajj then. I did the umrah and came back to jeddah and resumed with my daily life.

Hanafi Fiqh

Are man made theories appropriate to use as therapy?

Can a person use man made theories to help heal traumas or use them as tools for therapy? A friend recommended-

Is it discrediting to Allah to use this type of spirituality despite how helpful it is claimed to be. Are these ideas limited because they exclude the acknowledgement of Allah?

Hanafi Fiqh

Sunnah prayers while travelling

Asalamualikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh
I would like to ask about travel prayers. I understand that you must shorten the obligatory prayer, according to hanafi fiqh it is wajib. what is the ruling regarding the Sunnah’s prayers during travelling.

Please can you also confirm the exact distance to be a considered a traveller.

Please can you also confirm if the following rules are true or not:
1) I have recently heard that if a traveller is able to perform the Sunnah prayers with no inconvenience to them, they should read them?
2)The sunnah of fajr salah should not be left out? If this is true and one does leave it out, would you have to do qadha for this salah, even though it is a sunnah?

Jazakallahu Khayr

Hanafi Fiqh

Can a woman stay in another city without a Mahram?

Q. I am married and live in Durban. My sister lives in Johannesburg and her daughter is making Nikah in a Months’ time. My husband is working and cannot accompany me to Johannesburg to help with the pre-Nikah and Walimah preparations except for a short period of time. Can my husband fly with me as my Mahram to Johannesburg, leave me at my sister’s place and fly back the same day whilst I remain in Johannesburg to help with the pre-Nikah and Walimah preparations?