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Marriage istekhara

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Fatwaa.com

Asalam o alikum

I want to know regarding the istekhara about marriage i want to marry a guy and ive done istekhara in first dream i saw garden greenry flowers water and a little bit black too i don’t remember properly and  i dont remember the second and third dream,

Secondly when the guy did his isthekara but the answer is no basically he did his isthekara two time first from some imam or i dont know molvi and second timehis mother did the istekhara for him both says no. We really want to marry each other i dont have any negative thoughts about him but after his isthekara im afraid if ALLAH SWT will punish us for not listening to him. The guy is forcing me now to marry him all the good and bad things we will suffer together after marriage. And one more thing we have so much time left in our marriage maybe 2 or 2.5 years. Please clear me out in this we both are so confused and hopeless right now.



Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Istikhaarah is a form of Du’a. The prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) taught us this unique method to draw from the treasures of Allah.

Since one does not actually categorically ask from Allah to see a dream or have a clear feeling, neither of the two is necessary. The essence of Istikhaarah is that the person making Istikhaarah beseeches Allah to guide him towards the best route and to protect him from harm. Hence, the real outcome of Istikhaarah is seeing beneficial results from what eventually happens. The status of dreams and feelings after Istikhaarah are the same as that of any other time. The prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) categorized dreams into different types:

  • True dreams: those dreams which are divinely inspired by Allah, either to warn a person or to give him gladtidings.
  • Shaytaani dreams: those impressions which the devil places in the mind of a sleeping person either to make him happy or to scare him.
  • Thoughts of the mind: those events or thoughts a person experiences in everyday life which eventually appears to him in the form of a dream.

The dream seen after Istikhaarah can fall under any one of these categories. Also, it should be borne in mind that the most authentic dreams are those observed in the latter part of the night or during QayluLlah (sleeping during the day, at about midday, preferably after lunch).

In short, if both of you made Istikharah and you eventually marry, then that is the result of the Istikharah, irrespective of what dreams were seen

We did not understand what you meant when you said: “And one more thing we have so much time left in our marriage maybe 2 or 2.5 years”.


And Allaah Ta’aala knows best


Ismail Moosa (Mufti)

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