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Muslim girl in a relationship with a Hindu boy

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. I am a Muslim girl who is currently in a 9 years relationship with a Hindu boy. His parents do not have a problem with him converting to Islam since his mother was a Muslim before marrying his father. However, my boyfriend do not want to convert to Islam because he is a strict Hindu. However, he is willing to have a Muslim wedding for my sake. I know it is not permissible to marry a non-Muslim. Also, I know I am wrong by entertaining such a relationship when I knew from the beginning such situation will/have arrived. I am of marriageable age and my parents expect him to convert to Islam and have a Muslim wedding. It is very difficult to break such a relationship and I know that seems like the only and best option. But, is it possible we could get married with him not accepting Islam? I am not in any position to question my religion but isn’t it wrong to convert someone when they are born into a particular religion for a reason. Isn’t it one God? Can you please advise me because I am very confused.

A. The relationship that you are in is totally haram, and it means that you will be constantly involved in this grave sin as long as you continue this relationship. As you have stated, beginning such a friendship was totally haram in Islam. As long as the boy does not accept Islam, it would not be permissible to marry him. He must be a true Muslim for this marriage to take place. If you marry him as he is (being a hindu), then you will have no marriage in Islam, and you will be living in sin, day and night. It is compulsory for you to break off this relationship immediately. It may seem difficult to you because of your ‘friendship and inclination to him’, but with Allah, everything is possible. It is you who need to make up your mind and make a firm intention to do the right thing. You are a Muslim who believes in One God, who have been given the pure and true faith of Islam, and have been blessed by Allah. Do not destroy yourself and incur Allah’s wrath. Fear Allah, the one who has created you.

With respect to your statement ‘Isn’t it One God’, Yes! Indeed there is only One God whom we believe in, accept and worship, but others do not believe in only One God. They believe in many gods and goddesses. They worship images, pictures and idols – all of which are not the true One God. Hence, these people are pagans, idolaters and polytheists, who do not follow the true faith. It is for this reason, Allah Has condemned such people in the Holy Quran. If a person has been born in a religion which does not preach the truth of the Oneness of God, or he follows such a religion, then it becomes compulsory upon that person to search for the truth and accept it when he finds it. In this case, it is essential upon those who have the true religion to invite others to it and tell them to accept it. Hence, it’s not wrong (as you say) to convert someone to the religion of truth.

Alhamdulillah, as Muslims, we have been blessed by Allah and honored with the true religion of Islam. From whichever angle one looks, he will find that Islam is indeed the true religion which is perfect and complete in every aspect. Do not be confused about this issue. The path is very clear. It is for you to do the correct thing. Do not let Satan overpower you in this matter.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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