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Qurbani in foreign countries.

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. In recent times in Trinidad I’ve noticed the practice at EID UL ADHA times for some muslims to send their money to foreign countries (usually poor ones) to have their meats to be distributed there. I seek knowledge as to this practice if it is permissible as compared to simply doing it locally.

A. Although it is permissible to have one’s qurbani done in another country, it is more virtuous to do it in one’s own place. Sharing the meat of the qurbani to the poor ones is obviously rewarding, however, one must also take a few things into consideration.

First of all, there are many poor Muslims living in this country, Trinidad and hence, those living here must look after these poor Muslims before looking on the outside.

Secondly, the Prophet (SAW) has encouraged one to do his/her own qurbani. If one cannot do it (that is, slaughtering the animal), he/she must stand close to the animal while it is being sacrificed. This can only be done if one is doing his sacrifice in his own country, if it is done in another country, one will not be able to do this.

Thirdly, the Prophet (SAW) has emphasized that one should partake of the meat of the sacrifice. If one’s qurbani is done in another country, then he/she will not be able to partake from his/her own sacrifice.

While it may be said that the poor Muslims of a certain country will benefit from one’s qurbani (the money of which he sent) it can equally be said that the poor ones living in these countries also benefit tremendously from the other well to do Muslims living in that country who do their sacrifices.

As such, when our Muslims of this country send their monies to do qurbani in another country to benefit the poor ones over there, the question remains as to who would then provide for the poor ones in this country?

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

This answer was collected from DarulUloomTT.net, which is operated under the supervision of Mufti Waseem Khan from Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago.

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