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Doing Qurbani for others.

Q. 1. A lady has two brothers who are not practising muslims and do not perform their own qurbani. Can she do qurbani on their behalf from her own money and does she need their permission to do this?

2. If we wish to do qurbani on behalf of someone who is alive eg. family member, Sheikh or Ustaad, do we need to ask their permission first, meaning a nafl qurbani when they have already done their own as well?

3. Is it ok to do qurbani on behalf of a deceased person without telling anyone?

4. Is qurbani wajib on a teenager who has their own money and what is the minimum amount they should possess for it to be wajib on them? Is it necessary that this money should have been in their possession for a year?

5. Is qurbani wajib on a ‘naa baligh’ child who has the minimum amount of money saved up?

6. If one cannot recite the qurbani dua in arabic, can they recite it in English?

A. 1. It is permissible for the woman to do Qurbani on behalf of her two brothers. If Qurbani became essential upon them, then she needs to seek their permission to do it on their behalf. When she does it after receiving their permission, then it means that their wajib Qurbani has been fulfilled. If however, qurbani is not wajib upon them, then the woman can do it without their permission. In this case, it will be an optional (Nafl) qurbani on their behalf.

2. If you wish to do a Nafl qurbani on behalf of anyone who is alive, you do not need to seek their permission.

3. Yes, it is permissible to do qurbani for a deceased without informing anyone.

4. The minimum amount which should be in the possession of a person for Qurbani to be wajib upon him is the Nisaab for Zakaat. If this teenager possesses his own money and it is that amount which reaches a Nisaab on the days of Eid ul Adha, then qurbani is wajib on him. In this regard, it is not necessary that the money should be in his possession for a year. What is essential is that this amount of money be in his possession during the three days of Qurbani.

5. Qurbani is not wajib on a ‘Naa baligh’ (a minor who has not reached the age of puberty) even though he has the minimum amount.

6. Yes they can do this. However, it is better they say at the time of slaughtering ‘BISMILLAH’ or ‘BISMILLAH, ALLAHU AKBAR’. The other duas can be read in English.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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