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1.Few people say that if the length of hair is more than (1/3) of finger then only trimming is allowed and valid and few say length is irrelevant and it should be removed from all over head. Which is correct? 2.Is trimmer setting at Zero considered as razor? 3. I did Umrah and removed all my hairs with a zero trimmer and did again second Umrah after 2-3 days and used zero trimmer to remove all hairs whichever trimmer could do. Length of hairs will not be (1/3) of finger as it is difficult to grow in just 2-3 days.Is it valid? 4. In future can I use zero trimmer even if I have little hair or should I use blade? After 2 umrahs , I used blade ( to be safe) for Next umrahs and Haj. Is there any dum on me? I was checking few people say that length should be (1/3) to cut but I also heard that zero trimmer is equivalent to razor as it removes all hairs. Also I have habit of overthinking and feeling stressed. During Haj days , in our tent there was discussion regarding Salah to read. We stayed in Makkah for 14 days (this was also intention I had) and praying Qasar when alone. But most of people from my group where saying no we should read full only. This caused me to overthink and was blaming myself that if I did anything wrong. Later I clarified reading QASAR was correct 5. My question is as I was confused and constantly overthinking about salah during 10-12 zil Haj. Will this effect any arkans of Haj such as Tawaf-e-ziyarah and stoning of devil?


As Salaamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

The following are the answers to your queries:-

1)      When coming out of Ihram, the best action for males is to shave the head (to do Halq). This is more virtuous as the Prophet (S.A.S) did it and he made special supplications (duas) for those who shave their heads instead of trimming the hair.

The statement of those people who say that if the length of the hair is more then 1/3 of the finger, then only trimming is allowed, is not correct. In all cases shaving the head is more virtuous, and brings more blessings.

2)      The trimmer setting at zero is not considered a razor. Therefore, it will not be the same as shaving the head. The reason is that even after using the zero of the trimmer, one will still see stubble on the head, that is, one will still see the fine roots of the hair on the head, as against the razor which shaves off everything.

3)      If you choose to trim your hair instead of shaving, then the minimum amount that must be trimmed is 1/3 of the finger. (That is, the amount from the finger nail to the first joint). This is according to the madhhab of Imam Abu Hanifa.

When you did your second umrah and used the zero trimmer, you did not remove the amount of hair which was required to be removed (which is 1/3 of the finger), and this was not valid, you were suppose to shave the head.

4)      In future, if you have little hair, you must not use the zero trimmer. When you use the zero trimmer, you are actually trimming your hair and not shaving. Therefore, you will need to trim the amount of 1/3 of the finger of your hair. Seeing that you have a little hair, you may not be able to trim that amount of the hair from the head. As such, you will need to use the razor and shave off all the hair completely, and not use the zero trimmer.

When you had used the zero trimmer after your second umrah or after the Hajj(when you had little hair), it means that you did not remove 1/3 finger of hair from your head. On account of this, you were not allowed to come out of Ihram. But you still came out of Ihram thinking that you were ‘Halaal’, and with this understanding you did things which you should not have done because you were not out of your Ihram as yet.

Therefore, you would be required to pay a dum to compensate for your mistakes.

5)      The state of being confused about the Salaah you performed will not have any effect on the Arkans of your Hajj and throwing the stones at the Jamaraat.

 (Ghunya Al Manasik pg.313 Jadeed; Shami-Baab Al Ihsar; Maraqi Al Falah pg736 Dar Al kitab Deoband –Kitab An Nawazil vol. 7 pg. 436-443 Darul Ishaat Karachi 2016)

And Allah knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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