Is there any benefit to be gained from performing hajj more than once?

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Is there any benefit to be gained from performing hajj more than once?
Can a second hajj make up for the short comings of the first hajj?


As Salaamu Alaikum,

Yes, there are lots of benefits and blessings to gain from performing Hajj more than once.

The second Hajj is a totally separate one which is different from the first. Once one has performed a compulsory hajj, then the others that are performed afterwards are nafl and optional.

If there were shortcomings done in the first hajj, the second Hajj cannot make up for these. There are certain rules that are stipulated for making up for theses shortcomings for example certain shortcomings may require one to sacrifice a large or small animal. Others may require one to give Sadaqah, and some may need Tauba and Istighfaar. By doing any of these which are prescribed, the shortcomings in one’s hajj may be made up. The second hajj is a totally separate one which is nafl (optional), and has no direct relation with the first hajj.

If however, on the day of Judgement, Allah wishes to overlook certain shortcomings of one’s first hajj on account of the great blessings achieved from the second hajj. Then this will occur, and is based solely on Allah’s kindness and mercy. However, this is connected to matters of the hereafter.

With respect to the world, we are required to fulfill the rules and regulations which Allah Has placed for the acceptance and validity of our acts of Ibadah (worship).

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan


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