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As Salaamu Alaikum

I belong to a MUSLIM COMMUNITY, where they have two statements according to men awrah first knee, navel and half thigh is not in awrah in daily routine life, but it’s necessary to cover the whole body during salat and ebadats second is sleeping and working naked when men are alone is allowed, is it yes in Islamic all school of thoughts


Bismillahi Wa Billahi At Tawfeeq

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Based on what we understand from your question, you are asking about the following:

1) The awrah of men outside of salaah in front of other people .

2) The Awrah of men in salaah.

3) Is it permissible to be naked when one working is alone and/ or is sleeping by himself.

We will answer your questions based on the above. If we have interpreted your question incorrectly, feel free to resend your question.

Also note that we answer questions here, based on the Mazhab of the great Mujtahid Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahmatullahi alaih).

  1. According to the Hanafi school of thought, the awrah of a muslim male is from below the navel up to and including his knees (i.e. the knees are part of the awrah). This Awrah must be covered by such a male in his daily routine life in front of others. The only exception to this is his wife, as there is no awrah between a man and his wife.
  1. Covering one’s awrah, is a compulsory element of Salah. And thus, if one covers his awrah only, then his Salaah would be permissible.

Having said that, Salaah is a means of communicating with our creator. We should therefore, attire ourselves in a manner that draws the pleasure and mercy of Allah. And the best way to achieve that, is to wear the sunnah.

To pray in such a condition that only the awrah is covered, would therefore be undesirable.

3)A person should cover his Awrah at all times even when he is by himself except if he has a valid reason such as using the washroom or making istinja.

العورة للرجل من تحت سرته حتي يجاوز ركبته……..و ركبته عورة عند علمائنا رحمهم الله الا أنه إذا ستر مقدار ما ذكرنا و صلي كذلك كان مسيئا (الخ)

التاتارخانية 2/21

و وجوبه عام و لو في الخلوة علي الصحيح الا لغرض صحيح…….و هي للرجل ما تحت سرته الي ما تحت ركبته

الشامي 2/93

لا خلاف بين الفقهاء في انه ليس أي جزء من بدن الزوجة عورة بالنسبة للزوج و كذلك أي جزء من بدنه بالنسبة لها……(الخ)

الموسوعة الفقهية 31/53

And Allah knows best

Mufti Waheeb Saiyed


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