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Asalaam walakom

I haven’t aqiqah for my family.

Please can you advise me we are 7 members that I would like to aqiqah for inshallah,

which includes my late dad , my mum, 3 kids, myself and my husband.

What do I slaughter and how do i go about doing the aqiqah and can I do for my mum and dad..

What would the niyah be and what do I have to say and is it permissible to also do for other members that are not in the means of doing..

Please assist me ..



Wa Alaikumus Salam,

The recommended and commendable time for Aqeeqah is on the 7th day when a child is born. If it is not possible for it to be done on this day, then one can do it on the 14th day. If it is not done on the 14th day, then one can do it on the 21st day. (Al Mughni)

If these days have passed and the Aqeeqah was not done, then one should try to do it during the childhood years, at least before the age of puberty. If the Aqeeqah was not done and the person reached the age of puberty, then the ‘Sunnah Practice’ of doing Aqeeqah drops off. (Fath Al Bari – Kitab Al Aqeeqah).

However, if after the age (of puberty) one wants to do the Aqeeqah for his own self or for others, then this is permissible and a person will be rewarded. This means that even if one is a full adult, (man or woman) or has reached old age and one wishes to do his/her Aqeeqah or the Aqeeqah for another adult person, then it will be permissible (Faidh Al Baari –Kitab An Nawazil Vol. 14, Page 679 Darul Ishaat Karachi 2016, Tuhfatul Mawrood Fe Ahkam Al Maulood Pg. 60 Maktaba Tawfikia Cairo).

Based on the above explanation, it would be permissible for you to do the Aqeeqah on behalf of yourself, your husband, your mom and your three kids.

With respect to your late father, then there is no requirement to do Aqeeqah for him since he is deceased.

Instead of doing Aqeeqah for him, you can do a Qurbani on his behalf during the days of Qurbani or you may purchase and animal and after slaughtering it, give all the meat to the poor and needy in Sadaqah. This is far more virtuous for him than an Aqeeqah, since he has already passed away.

With respect to what you have to slaughter (in Aqeeqah), it is evident/established in the Ahadith (traditions of the Prophet (S.A)) that for a boy, two goats/sheep should be slaughtered, and for a girl one must be slaughtered. ‘The same will be for a grown up adult, male and female, if they are doing their own Aqeeqah. However, if a person did not possess the means to slaughter two animals for a boy/male, then one animal will suffice and the Aqeeqah will be valid. With respect to the ages of the animals which must be used for Aqeeqah, the goat must complete one year. The sheep should also be one year old, however, if it is less than a one year (beween 6 months to 12 months), and is it is so big/fat, that when placed among other sheep it looks like one year old, then this will be permissible to use.

As for the intention of doing Aqeeqah, it is as follows:

The Dua for aqeeqa for a boy/male: ‘Allahumma Hazihi Aqqeeqatu ____________ (call the person’s name). Damuha bi Damihi, Wa Lahmuha bi Lahmihi, Wa Adhmuha bi Adhmihi, Wa Jilduha bi Jildihi wa Sha’ruha bi Sha’rihi’

For a girl/female, say: ‘Allahumma Hazihi Aqeeqatu ____________ (call the person’s name). Damuha bi Damiha, Wa Lahmuha bi Lahmiha, Wa Adhmuha bi Adhmiha, Wa Jilduha bi Jildiha wa Sha’ruha bi Sha’riha.’

After saying the above, say, ‘Inni Wajahtu Wajhiya Lillazi Fataras Samawaati Wal Ardh. Haneefanw wa Maa Ana Minal Mushrikeen. Inna Salaati wa Nusuki Wa Mahyaya Wa Mamaati Lillahi Rabbil A’lameen, Laa Shareeka Lahu Wa Bi Dhalika Umirtu Wa Ana Awwalul Muslimeen. Allahumma Minka Wa Laka.’

Then say, ‘Bismillah Allahu Akbar’ and slaughter the animal. (Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Darimi, Ahmad).

It will also be permissible to do Aqeeqah for other members who do not posses the means of doing it.


And Allah knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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