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As salaamu Alaikum,

I have a question of a very serious nature that is bothering me greatly. Lately, a lot if so-called “Halaal” memes have been circulating on social media.Making fun of Islam. They are actually quite funny and A LOT of Muslims is getting caught in the trap. I see it as nothing but a trap.
My question is, are these memes halaal? Didn’t Allah warn us in the Quran in Capter 9 verse 65 – 67 that “Are you making jokes about Allah, His Revelation and His Messenger?”
Allah says, you have disbelieved after belief.
To me, personally, it sounds like, making fun of Islam is a type of kufr. Should we stay away from those memes? And warn our families to not share those in WhatsApp and Facebook, etc.?
I am very concerned because ALOT of Muslims are enjoying these memes and sharing them to others. It is not that we want to be too extreme. It is just that, we need to safeguard our Imaan.


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

The so-called ‘Halal memes’ that are on social media are totally against the blessed teachings, the message and the spirit of Islam. These are not permissible since they involve making fun of Islam, Islamic teachings, noble Ahadith and practices of the Prophet (sas), Quranic verses and injunctions and even duas and blessed  words of glorifying and praising Allah. These are all done to ‘sound funny’, ‘get a laugh’, and ‘make a joke’. At times, people put on strange and funny faces while saying something that is in the Holy Quran. One meme which was posted, showed Spider man with his hands raised like if he was in dua, while the name given for him was ‘SPIDER – IMAN’ .How insensitive and distasteful these are to Islam. These so called ‘Halal memes’ amount to nothing but making fun, mockery and  joke of Allah, His Messenger and His religion, which are all acts of Kufr. Muslims must avoid these to protect their Imaan, and must not be a part of these by viewing, sharing posts or encouraging others towards these.


And Allah knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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