I would Like to convert to Islam and will like to know what to do.

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In order to accept Islam, you must recite the following with sincerity from the heart that you are truthful in what you say.

The words are:

“Ash-hadu an laa ilaha illallah wa Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasooluhu.”

I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship; that there is no other God besides Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is his Servant and Messenger.

The above must be uttered with the tongue with firm conviction in the heart and must be followed by practicing the teachings of Islam in all aspects of life.

Among the fundamental beliefs that one is required to have by accepting Islam is:

  1. There is only One God, Allah who has no partners, parents, children, peers or equals, and does not share his divinity with anyone.
  2. One must believe in all angels and prophets, and all revealed scriptures which were sent prior to the Prophet Muhammad.
  3. One must believe in Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet after whom there is no prophet. One must accept and practice upon his teachings and follow him as a prophet.
  4. One must believe in the Decree and Predestination which have been ordained and fixed by Allah.
  5. One must believe in life after death. That there is Resurrection, Judgement and Paradise and Hell.

After accepting Islam, one must refrain from holding the beliefs of his former religion and must also avoid practices of his former religion. Each day, one should try to learn more about Islam so that one would have a good understanding of it.


And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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