Is it possible that a prophet could have been sent to the Jinns in their form?

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Message: Is it possible that a prophet could have been sent to the Jinns in their form seeing that Allah sent a messenger to all nations?


Assalaamu Alikum

الجواب و بالله التوفيق

With respect to prophets being sent to the Jinns from among their own form (i.e the Jinns), there is a difference of opinion among the scholars. The great expert of the Quran Adh Dhahak was asked about whether prophets were sent from among the jinns, and he replied, ‘Have you not heard the statement of Allah where He says, ‘O Jinn and Men, Messengers come to you from among your ownselves who used to narrate My verses to you and used to warn you of your meeting this day?’ (Sura Al An’am, Verse 130)

He said, ‘From this (verse), it shows that there were Messengers from men and Messengers from Jinns.’ (Tafseer At Tabari, Vol.8, Pg.45, Dar Ihya At Turath Ar Arabi, Beirut 2001)

It is evident from the above that Dhahak (A.R) and those who agreed with him from among the scholars of Tafseer, held the opinion that just as prophets from among human beings were sent to humans, prophets from the Jinns were sent to the Jinns.

The opinion and verdict of the majority of the commentators and scholars however, is that from among the Jinns, no one was sent as a prophet/messenger. Prophets and Messengers were sent from only the human beings. This is the opinion of Abdullah bin Abass (R.A), Mujahid, Kalbi, Ubu Ubaid and the majority of the former and latter scholars. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer, Vol.3, Pg.82, Dar Al Kitab Al Arabi, Beirut 2013)

With respect to verse 130 of Sura An’am which states, ‘O Jinn and Men, have not Messengers come to you from your ownselves,’ the great exegete, Mujahid says, ‘There was no messenger from among the Jinns. Messengers were sent from among humans only. However, from among the Jinns, ‘Warners’ were sent (to warn their tribes). These warners from among the Jinns were agents who carried the message of the Prophets/Messengers to the Jinns. (Tafseer Mazhari, Vol.4, Pg.150, Darul Ishaat, Karachi 2010)

The great Scholar of Tafseer, Imam Kalbi has stated that before the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S), prophets were sent to the Jinns and to humans. Different prophets were sent to various tribes and nations. It was only the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S) who was sent to both Jinn and men. (Tafseer Mazhari, Vol.4, Pg.149 Darul Ishaat, Karachi 2010)

The Author of A’kam Al Marjan has stated, ‘Most of the Scholars have explained that from among the jinns there were some who were not made as prophets by Allah. However, Allah had sent them to different places on the earth to convey the message which they heard from the (human) Prophets/Messengers to their tribes from among the jinns. (Tareekh Jinnaat Wa Shayateen Luqt Al Marjan Fi Ahkam Al Jaan – Pg.111 Darul Ma’arif Multan, Pakistan)

The great exegete of the Quran, Qadhi Muhammad Thana’ullah Uthmani (A.R) has discussed this topic in his famous commentary of the Quran and has mentioned the different narrations of the great commentators. After mentioning the different opinions in his Tafseer, he writes, ‘I humbly state that it is evident from the verse of the Holy Quran, ‘O Jinn and Men, have there not come to you Messengers from yourselves’ (Surah An’am, V.130)’ ‘that whether it be Jinn or humans, Allah sent Messengers with guidance to each one of them. It is possible that Allah had sent only humans as prophets, and it is also possible that Jinns were also sent as prophets, before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S) to their tribes with guidance.’

Qadhi Thana’ullah further explained that before Adam (A.S), the Jinns inhabited the earth for thousands of years, and since they were also obligated to follow the religion of Allah and guidance, like human beings, it meant that before Adam (A.S), from among the jinns, some were chosen as prophets to their tribes. (Tafseer Mazhari, Vol.4, Pg.150 Darul Ishaat, Karachi 2010)


And Allah knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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