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Mirzai Qadianis objections on khatame nabuwat

Qadianis mizais claim that khatam e nabuwat doesnot mean the end of prophethood.They give following arguments.
1.khattam means seal of prophets not final prophet.
2.muslims unanimously believe that prophet Essaa alaihis salam will return.if there is no need of any prophet after khatame nabuwat then why will essaa alaihis salam return. duroode ibraheemi all muslims pray for biggest blessings upon aale Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa aala aalihi wasallim like blessings upon aal of ibrahim alsihis salaam.qadianis say that biggest blessing among aale ibrahim was that they became prophets.
4.qadianis say that prophet Esa alaihis salam died and quraan used word Tawaffi which means death and there is no logic to consider that tawaffi means to get lifted without dying.
5.qadianis claim that the one who had to come wasnt jesus but an ummati prophet.

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Job and the environment

I have been overthinking about this question So essentially I am a engineer who is working in the oil and gas and plastics industry. My job is to make sure that my unit is running correctly in the plant/refinery. So as you know the production of such products contributes to pollution and I was wondering is my job halal and moral from a islamic perspective.As you know many people just throw away plastic into the ocean and nature instead of properly disposing it. But the thing is everything unfortunately has a carbon foot print

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Full Hijab and Dealing with Feeling of Pride


I have recently, alhamdulillah started wearing full hijaab, which of course includes the niqaab, and i have realised that as i walk down the street, I walk with a lot of confidance and pride; proud of the fact that I am a muslim woman in hijaab, unafraid of the western world. I do not want to appear a weak, submissive stereotype of a Muslim Woman, which is stopping me from walking with my gaze down, as I should be.

I feel, however that this pride and confidance is not right somehow, and that it is preventing me from feeling modest, and having humility, traits of a good muslim woman… please can you tell me the correct way of how a muslim woman should walk and behave when out in public.

What has the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, said about women in hijaab, pride and the way they conduct themselves.

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Advice regarding sickness

ASAlaikum I am suffering from ulcers in the stomach I would like your advice regarding what therapies and duas did our Prophet Muhammad use for help with sickness and cure of disease بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم الجواب وباللہ التوفیق Following supplications are narrated...

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Shaving Beard

Assalamu wa alaikum, i am 21, my beard is naturally less grown and rolled, few hairs etc, many tell me to shave it 2, 3 times so it can start grow properly, it looks bad also, i heard that prophet Muhammad saw ordered to have better personality, so its better for non...