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Question: Aslaam Alaikum,

A Muslim was asked/invited to attend a christian work colleague’s funeral in a church. The Muslim attended. He had No intention of Kufr.

In the church during the funeral everyone was given a paper with prayers and other writing etc. The Muslim had a read of it and also pretended that he was having a read of it and also pretended that he was looking/reading it so his colleagues dont think bad of him and just pretended to show that he was interested in the paper.

The vicar and other christian’s repeated some hymns and prayers and words etc. The Muslim might have said some hymns or prayers along with others without the intention of believing in them.
On numerous occasions during the funeral the vicar made everyone stand up and then sit back down, as this might have been part of the christian funeral, so the Muslim also stood up with the rest of the Christians.

Does attending this funeral and doing any of the above mentioned affect his Muslim faith? Does he have to repeat kalima and Nikah?

The Muslim had no intention of Kufr and loves Islam.

Wa salaam.


Answer: Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Attending the funeral in the church will not affect the faith of the Muslim. However, one must refrain from attending such places for funerals, functions etc. since they are required to compromise in their religious teachings and also witness statements and actions that are based on Shirk. (Kitabul fatawa Vol. 3 pg. 116 Zam zam Publishers Karachi).

With respect to repeating the Kalima and re-doing the Nikah, these are not required if one’s belief was not upon what he read or said. However, if he read the prayers or the hymns, he should repent to Allah for having done so.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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