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Belief And Usage Of Taweez etc.

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There is a developing trait wherein any issue arising in someone’s life, people are resorting to Taweez.  For example, a child regularly misbehaves or is ill, people are resorting to Taweez, believing that someone has done something to the child.
A further example is where couples don’t have children or to save oneself from nazar, they are told by family get Taweez.
1. I recognise that Taweez per se is permissible but is it correct to utilise for every perceived or genuine problem with the potential that people subconsciously develop the conviction that Taweez is the remedy for all issues?
2. What is the prophetic manner of dealing with the examples identified in paragraphs 2 & 3?
Wa Alaikumus Salaam Wa Rahmatullah

 It is wrong to assume that every problem or illness that comes to a person is on account of some evil which will be removed through a Taweez.

This sort of practice soon corrupts a person’s Aqeedah and he becomes superstitious for everything that happens. If one is affected with an illness, then he must seek medication. If he thinks that his state is not on account of an illness, then he should recite the duas of the Prophet (S.A.S), place his full trust in Allah and beseech Him for His help. If after all of this, he sees signs that may indicate to him that some evil has affected him and the way of gaining ease is through a Taweez, then he can use the Taweez, on the condition that his trust and reliance is only upon Allah.

In case where couples cannot have children, they should first check the specialist doctor to see if there is any medical problem in any or both of the spouse. If there is a problem, then they should seek medication. If there isn’t any medical problem, then they should pray earnestly to Allah to grant them a child for He alone is the Creator and Giver of children. In this case, one can use Taweez, but place his full trust and reliance on Allah.

In the case of protecting oneself from nazar, one should learn the duas of the Prophet (S.A.S) and recite them, and beg Allah to protect him from nazar. In this case also, one can use Taweez, but he must have the firm faith that it is Allah who can protect him and not the Taweez on its own.

One should not develop the habit/ practice of immediately going towards a Taweez for everything that happens to him.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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