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Using Female Donkey’s Milk in Manufacturing Soap

What is the ruling on using female donkey's milk in manufacturing soap and in treating several skin diseases such as: Eczema, Dermatodyschoria and treatment of burns noting that the chemical formula of the milk changes after adding Sodium Hydroxide material to it by which the substance of milk itself is no longer recognized?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Surgeries that Involve Breaking Obligatory Fast

We are a medical team that does a large number of surgeries all-year. As a result, we can`t delay the already scheduled surgeries, which are more than a thousand, till after Ramadan under the excuse that patients are observing fast. In most scheduled cases, patients are forced to break their fast for a day or two until they return to normal. However, there is a new surgical procedure that we perform on patients suffering from "excessive obesity" where they are forced to break their fast and follow a diet for a minimum of three weeks. Is it permissible to perform this procedure in Ramadan?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Birth Control Conducted Due to the Probability of Having Kids Afflicted with a Genetic Disease

I am a married man and bestowed by Allah with two healthy kids; however, I lost my third kid at the age of 3 years and two month as a result of being afflicted with a genetic disease called (Improper fat distribution), and it was confirmed from more than one medical specialists that the probability of having a newborn with genetic disease is (25%) based on genitive factors and recessive genes. Am I permitted and with the consent of my wife to make birth control throughout conducting surgical operation or by any other mean in this regard?

Shafi'i Fiqh

If the Medication Harms the Patient, there is no Sin in Stopping it

My brother had heart surgery, which produced more severe disease symptoms: brain thromboses, lung failure, low platelets,  and internal hemorrhaging. Doctors told us that there isn`t likely to be significant progress, and his condition will be steadily worsening. They even suggested not to give him any new medications because they will cause more harm and further complicate his condition, and that it is better to keep him as he is. Should we agree to this?

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