Barbecue shed and Royal Castle.

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net


Have you all ever investigated the barbecue shed in Bel Air, La Romain? I also don’t see Royal Castle under any headings. Are any of their branches halaal?


Most of the outlets/establishments we have checked have been based upon a request by the management to do so and in other cases the request was made by many Muslims.

Until this time, we have not been asked to certify the mentioned outlet, either by the management or by others.

As far as Royal Castle is concerned, many of their outlets are individually managed and may obtain their chicken from different suppliers. However in the recent past, we have been invited to look into some of their outlets which are managed by the parent company.

At present we can say that the following outlets are halaal, certified for chicken and all ingredients except the salad dressing served with fresh salads at some outlets. The following outlets serve Fine Choice chicken only. They are

  1. Piarco Airport
  2. Cumoto
  3. Arima- Dial
  4. Arima- Ridgewood Plaza
  5. Medford Gas Station- Endeavour
  6. Rio Claro

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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