Removing grass and planting flowers on graves.

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Q. Please advise whether there is any Ahadith or Quranic Quotes which restrict muslims from planting flowering plants on the graves of their loved ones. Also the grasses around have to be removed monthly.

A. The grass that grows on the grave should not be removed entirely. It can be cut and kept in a low manner. Keeping the grass on the grave is encouraged since, as long as it remains green and moist, it praises and glorifies Allah, on account of which the mercy of Allah descends. The Holy Quran itself states, ‘There is nothing, except that it praises and glorifies Allah’. It is also narrated in Sahih Al Bukhari, that once the Prophet (SAS) took a moist branch and broke it into two pieces. He then placed a piece each on two graves and said, ‘it is hoped that Allah’s mercy will descend upon the inmates of these graves as long as the branch remains moist. (Sahih Al Bukhari) (Maraqi’ul Falaah, Book of Jana’iz; Al Bahr Ar Ra’iq Chap. on Jana’iz; Fatawa Haqaaniya Vol. 3 pg. 466. Raddul Muhtar)

With respect to planting flowering plants on the graves, there is no prohibition that is established from the Quran or Sunnah for this. In, fact, the scholars have allowed the placing of a moist branch on the grave and also the placing of the sweet basil and myrtle plants. (Al Fiqhul Islami wa Adilatihi vol.2 pg.1559). However, it should be noted that the Prophet (SAS) strongly discouraged his followers from adopting the ways of the non-Muslims. As such, where there is the custom of non-Muslims to plant such flowers that produces colorful flowers etc., Muslims must refrain from doing so. Instead, they can place such plants on the (grave) that do not have the colorful flowers and leaves etc.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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