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What is the aadaab and etiquette of women attending jummah salah as well as speaking during the khutbah.

Also, if women make remarks during the khutbah, loud enough for men to hear during the khutbah, what is the best method and manner to correct this situation?


Many Scholars from among the pious predecessors have disliked women attending the masjid, since there is a possibility of ‘Fitna’ arising in many ways. Other Scholars however, have allowed it seeing that the Prophet (S.A) himself did not forbid them from attending the masjid. This allowance however, is given with certain conditions which must be fulfilled by women who wish to attend the masjid for salaah, Khutbah or any Islamic gathering. From among the conditions which the scholars have mentioned are:-

  1. Women must not perfume themselves while going to the masjid
  2. They must not beautify and adorn themselves while attending the masjid.
  3. They should be accompanied by a Mahram (blood relative) or the husband.
  4. They should not interact and mix with the males at the masjid.
  5. They should be in a separate area allocated for them in the masjid.
  6. They should not speak in a manner that their voices be heard by the males.

If women make remarks during the Khutbah, then this is a grave disrespect on their part, and they have done something that is sinful. Seeing that their remarks during the Khutbah were loud enough for men to hear, it shows that there was a clear intention to disrupt the khutbah which is a grave sin. In this act, they have not only disrupted the khutbah, but they have also disrespected the house of Allah and have destroyed the sacred and spiritual atmosphere that is created at the time of this great act of worship (which is the Juma Khutbah and Salaah).

The manner of correction is that these women be spoken to, and be reprimanded for their misconduct in the house of Allah. If they are willing to correct themselves, then they will be allowed to continue to visit the masjid. If however, they do not wish to change their behaviour, and it is feared that they may misbehave in the same manner again, then it is permissible to ban them from the masjid until they correct their actions.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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