Hanafi Fiqh

Using samples and tasters

As Salaamu Alaykum, quite some years ago I remember going to a local Islamic shop that would sell itrs and sprays and they would have testers and I have it in my head that my friend and I would use the testers but I don’t think I had an intention to buy them, I was just using it for myself, I think I would have done this more than once, that shop has closed now but it was connected to a Madrassa and I don’t know if the owners were teachers or their affiliation to the Madrassa. Secondly I remember doing this at store in the local town with perfume where I didn’t intend to buy it but to smell nice, I’m not sure if it happened more than once. In this two cases would I owe anything to each shop and what should I do if one or both have closed, the latter being a non Muslim store.

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