Women with abnormal bleeding

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If a woman has abnormal slow bleeding after she has already had her menses what should she do? After a couple days of completing the menses I had a little slight bloody discharge and continued to pray because it was not my menses as I had completed it. Then about ten days after there was blood and a slow slight trickle for about a day and a half and I stopped praying for that time and then when it stopped, I made ghusl as that time I saw the actual blood. Now there is the bloody discharge again. My question is am I supposed to stop praying, do i need to make ghusl and what should I do regarding my salaah because I know its not my menses as I have just gotten it. Please tell me what I should do because I really don’t know what to do as it stops and then a day after or something I see the slight brownish bloodyish discharge again and when I think it has stopped I see a little again.


The minimum amount of days of menses is three and the maximum is. The minimum amount of purity that you can achieve between two menses is 15 days. As such, when it is the days of your menses then, you would consider the flow of blood during this time to be your menses. Upon the completion of these days, you should take a bath and begin to perform Salaah. You must continue to perform Salaah during this period until your habitual days of menses return in the other month. For the performance of Salaah, you will wash off the blood and perform wuzu. You do not need to make Ghusl for the performance of Salaah during the state of abnormal bleeding. Salaah will only be prohibited during the normal days of menses which you have become accustomed to.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan


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