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As Salaamu Alaikum,

I am just following up on a question I asked about over a month now, concerning the permissibility of using dice in children’s games like ludo, Monopoly etc.


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Some scholars have stated that it is not permissible to use the dice since the Prophet (S.A.S) has prohibited it. Others however, have mentioned that the reason for its prohibition, is that it was normally used for games of chance and for gambling, and hence the Prophet (S.A.S) spoke against it and prohibited using it. This means that if it is used for children’s game and for mere amusement, and it is not used for games which involve betting/gambling, then it will be permissible. This is the view which many scholars have given, and it is my opinion on the matter. As such, it will be permissible to use the dice in children’s games like ludo, monopoly etc.


And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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