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Mufti Waseem:

I have read in your article “Singing Ya Nabi Salam Alaika” Dated 6th June 2011 where you stated:

“As for Salaams, (greetings) they already knew about it since they were taught to send Salaams (greetings) in their Tashahud. Hence, every time a Muslim performs Salaat (Namaz), he sends salaams (greetings) upon the Prophet (SA) when he saus in his Tashahud (At Tahiyaat), ‘As Salaamu Alaika Ayuhan Nabiyu wa Rahanatullahi wa Barakatuh’. (Peace be upon you, O Prohet, and Allah’smercy and blessings be uon you). This manner of sending Salaams to the prophet (SA) which has been taught to the Muslims, and was practiced by the Sahabahs and all the generations of early Muslims.”

Can you explain how in Sallah it is described as if we are speaking directly to the Prophet Muhammad (s)? Is it that in Sallah he (s) hears our Salaams directly? I have referenced Sahi Al Bukhari and the meaning of the Tashahud seems to be the same.
Please provide an explanation Insha ALLAH


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,
In Salaah, one does not speak to the prophet (SAS) directly. Instead, he speaks to Allah.
In the At-Tahiyaat, one utters the words of greetings to the Prophet (SAS) which in reality, is ‘Sending’ Salaams to the Prophet (SAS). Authentic traditions tell us that Allah Has deputed special angels, who are in charge of taking these greetings to the prophet (SAS) and he (the Prophet (SAS) does not hear these Salaams directly.
This is evident from the authentic narration in which the Prophet(SAS) said, ‘whoever invokes blessings on me (and send Salaams) at my grave, I hear it. But, wuoever invokes blessings upon me (and sends Salaams) from a distant place, then it reaches me (via the angles)’. (Miskhat, Ibn Hibban; Ibn Abi Shaiba).

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan

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