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Rafe Yaddain

What is the ruling of Rafe-Yadaain ?


In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.




According to the teachings of Imam Abu Hanifah (RA) Rafe-Yadaain  (the raising of the hands at the time of ruku and whilst getting up from ruku should not be performed, whereas Imam Shafee (RA) and Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal (RA) is of the view that it should be done.


It should be borne in mind that the differences between Imam Abu Hanifah (RA) and Imam Shafee (RA) and Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal (RA) is on preference and not based on permissibility. Imam Abu Hanifah (RA) was of the view that it is preferable not to do Rafe-Yadaain, however in no certain terms do the Hanafi scholars say it is haram or unlawful to do it as some people tend to assume.

(Darse Tirmizi p26 v2)


Below are a few hadiths which show that it is preferable to omit Rafe-Yadaain whilst going for ruku and when coming up:


1.      It is narrated by “Alqamah” that Saaiduna Abdullah-bin-Massud Radiallahu Anhu said, “Should I not perform with you the Salah of Rasulallah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam.” Alqamah said, “ Then he (Ibn-Masud) Radiallahu Anhu performed Salah and he did not raise his hands except at the beginning.”

(Sunan Tirmizi p58v1)


2.      Saaiduna Abdullah Ibn Masuud Radiallahu Anhu says: I prayed behind the Prophet of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam. , Saaiduna Abu Bakr Radiallahu Anhu and Saaiduna Umar Radiallahu Anhu and they did not raise their hands except in the beginning of salah.” (Sunan Baihaqi P.74 V2 the sanad is jayyid – very good)


3.       Saaiduna Abdulah Ibn Masuud Radiallahu Anhu narrates that the Prophet of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam would raise his hands in the first takbeer. Then he would not do so again. (Tahawi Shareef P.126 v.1)


Only Allah Knows Best


Mohammed Tosir Miah


Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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