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Reciting Qur’an and manzil during menstruation

Will it be permissible to recite certain verses of the Qur’an during haid if they had been specifically prescribed for me for ruqya treatment, to help protect myself.

I have been doing self ruqya for a long time and when I stop my treatment during haid my symptoms get worse. I carry on with adkhars and the manzil . But I feel this isn’t sufficient as my reactions worsen after I have a break.

I can feel the improvement Alhamdulillah when I’m reciting, but after days of haid when I haven’t been doing the amal I feel weakened. I start getting reactions again, I get bruises and scratch marks on my body.

I have been advised to recite a portion of surah Baqarah daily. Surah Yasin verse 9 and surah Tawbah verse 9 (and some other verses). I wanted to know if it would be permissible for me to recite these whilst in state of haid with the intention of treatment/protection.

Also, If any other verses are specifically prescribed for my condition, would I be able to recite those, with intention of treatment/protection. Some amals are prescribed to be done continuously for 40 days, I can’t complete this as haidh starts before I can complete it.

It has not been possible for me to get someone to recite over me whilst I’m in state of haid.

And lastly would I be able to recite the following 6 verses of shifaa during haid, with intention of treatment/dua to Allah (swt);

Surah Tawbah v:14, Surah Yunus v:57, surah Nahl v:69, Surah Najm v:82, Surah Shu’ara v:80, Surah Fussilat v:44

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Stunned meat

Salaam wr

I wanted to know whether stunned meet is classed as halal. In particular I wanted to know whether it is halal to eat at Nandos who are certified by Freemans as halal. They say they stun their meat at high voltage to ensure it does not die but is unconscious and have been approved by the Islamic Council of jurisprudence. I know scholars are divided on the opinion however have heard many are now accepting stunned meat. What would be your advice?

Jzk khair

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Permissibility of my Job

My company is requesting I help them start a new branch in our company. The branch is an environmental consulting business and will help schools across the United States be more environmentally friendly. They want me to finalise the business proposal, create training materials for our interns so they can help our clients and work on finding clients for the company. I feel as if I am assisting in sin as I am helping them create a gender-mixing initiative when I know they do not observe Shariah Law. I feel as if every haram gender-mixed interaction that occurs throughout this company’s lifetime will be a sin on me as I’ve helped them create this new company. Should I leave my job?

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Speaking in languages other than Arabic

Is it disliked to speak in a language other than Arabic without a need while being able to speak fluent Arabic? Have you heard this as a position of any of the 4 Madhabs?

I came across a Fatwa of the website where they say that scholars stated that it is disliked to speak in a language other than Arabic without a need. They also bring a quotation from Ibn Taymiyyah (without reference).

Here is a link to the Fatwa:

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Crypto Day Trade

Is cryptocurrency day trading halal or haraam?

As in crypto, you received and give money or crypto immediately. Just on the spot. The moment I clicked on buy, my money deducts and I get my desired crypto and vice-versa.

I know about short selling. Its haraam and I dont do it, rather I do spot trading i.e. buy or sell on the spot and takes its possession (By possession I mean I can sell it keep it or do anything with it without anyone enforcing like in short sell)

As we do it on Exchanges (like money exchanger) fot example binance etc , it gives us and takes money immediately. And now I can do anything with my coins, can sell it can give it to someone else can use it to buy anything. It means I have complete possession of it. I am telling all this so if I am wrong anyone please correct me.

So my question is . Can I day trade on this ? Like buy one crypto in the morning and after few hours I sell it if its worth increased or keep it if not.

As DR ZAKIR NAIK said buying STOCKS for short term like few dsys weeks etc is SPECULATION and GAMBLING

So is this Speculation too ????? Please guide.

Thank You. May Allah guide us and grant us all Jannat-ul-Firdaus without the Hisaab.

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I wanted to opt for ICL eye surgery for vision correction. However I was told my the optometrist that the lens that they’ll put inside my eye has 0.3% extracts from a pig. They also said they had a fatwa from saudi and Egypt and said it’s very minimal so it’s allowed. So I wanted to ask if you could please shed some light on this matter for me.

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Permissibility of working in HR for a car finance company

I currently work as a HR professional and have been searching for a new role for sometime. I have been approached by a recruitment agency with regards to a potential new role. This role is a senior role to what I am currently doing. The title is HR Business Partner for a car finance company. My responsibilities would include talent management, delving into Employee Value Proposition, recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, stake holder management and any change management. This role will be a hybrid role to work from home which I felt was appropriate as I would not be required to travel outside of the Shari boundaries for a female travelling alone. However, my concern is that whilst I will not have direct involvement in this, the business operates as a loan company (not a broker) allowing members of the public to in essence, borrow money (with interest) to purchase vehicles. The company is known as ‘Oodle Car Finance’ and the amount of interest applied would be in accordance to the results of an individuals credit rating. Hypothetically, if I were to be employed by this business, I would have no involvement with the day to day operations of the business, or witness any finance deals. My question is, based on the nature of the business and the suggested role, would it be permissible to work for this organisation?

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Exposing patients awrah

I am a student who is deeply inclined towards the emergency medical field. I have extensive training in the regard and I am confident I can -only if Allah wills- make the difference between someone’s life and death with my knowledge and equipment. So coming to my question, what we are taught in the management of trauma is that whenever you come across a traumatically injured patient, uncover them, or to be clear, cut all their clothes off so you can see their whole body. The reasoning for this is quite simple that you need to make sure they don’t have any other injuries than what you see through their clothes. Now my question is that if I, as a male, approach an motor vehicle accident scene for example, and I come across a female who is traumatically injured, would it be halal for me to undress her to assess her situation and injuries? Also in another case, if I find myself as a bystander, in the case of a woman who goes into labour and I’m the only medical professional on scene, and I have reasonable grounds to believe either the mother or the fetus is in distress, can I, in the context of Islam, deliver this baby? I am medically competent to do these procedures, my question is only from an Islamic permissibility point of view. I will wait for your answer.
Thank you!