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Should Aalim course start with one-on-one studying or university?

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In our local Masjid the Imam went to Madrasa and completed his Aalim course about 10 years ago, when he came back he dressed in the Sunnah with a full beard, kurta, topi. However, last year he shaved his beard and started wearing his pants below his ankles. Should the Sallat read behind him be repeated? The other Masjid in the locality has an Imam with a Sharee beard and Sunnati Libaas, however they do Jummah Sallat during Zawwal, and before Dhur. Also, i insha Allah want to begin my Aalim course soon, aswell as start university, however due to my location only one to one studying is feasible and going to Madrasa is not possible, would you reccomend one on one studying or waiting for univesity to start Aaalim course?


(Fatwa: 408/J)

The Juma timing is the same as Zuhr timing i.e. starting from Zawal (afternoon). It is not allowed to perform Juma before its due time.

The imamah (leading prayer) of such an Imam who has shaved his beard is Makrooh: ویکرہ امامة فاسق و تقدیمہ کراھة تحریم (رد المحتار)

First of all, you should get compulsory Islamic education then try to learn other things.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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