Hanafi Fiqh

Trousers below ankles

Is wearing trousers/jeans below the ankles so serious that allah will not look at us on the day judgment with mercy as the hadiths indicate. Or is there some leway on the issue as today its not seen as having pride to wear clothes below the ankles as was in early generations. Please can u reply as I’m extremely worried. Jzzk.

Hanafi Fiqh

Salat and wudu as a police officer

Good Evening Team,

I have recently started a new job as a response Police Officer. The job role is to respond to 999 call incidents. So these are very serious cases such as potential suicide attempts, fire arms related incidents, missing people also social domestic issues and everything in between.

The problem I am having is keeping up with my salat times. For example I could get ready to do my salat and I have to leave before I start due to being called out and by the time I return I have missed ASR and MAGHRIB. This is just one example. I find I am consistently praying late or 2 prayers in one. What advice can you offer and can I stay in this job? I am responding to potential life or death situations so when I get called out it’s for very serious reasons.

Also is it possible to do wudu with boots on because its part of my safety kit and can I pray with boots on? They are leather and cover my ankles. Taking my boots off would slow me down in terms of response time to incidents.

Kind Regards