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Is ruju valid if made through Skype video?

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My question is that I pronounced one talaq to my wife as an intention of talaq-e-raja’i that I will make ruju with her until end of three menses but at the same time I decided not to inform her about my intention. Before completing three months I showed her my private part through Skype video and also I saw her breast (not her private part). Unfortunately, I could not make ruju with her in first three menses due to her bad behavior. After 6, months she told me that “the ruju already happened when we saw each other through Skype”. My question is that is it true whatever she said? In fact, I too had the intention of ruju when I was showing her my privet part as I mentioned above but I was in doubt about the validity of Skype camera whether Shariah considers it a real showing or not. Please satisfy me whether I have to make fresh nikah with her to make ruju or I have already made it as my wife says?


(Fatwa: 1759/1416/B=1432)

Your raja’t was not complete as per the Shariah merely by showing your private parts to your wife and seeing your wife’s breast through Skype videos. It is necessary to have new nikah in order to reestablish the marital life with her after the iddah is over.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

This answer was collected from the official ifta website of Darul Uloom Deoband in India.

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