Hanafi Fiqh

Foster relationships through breast feeding

Salam Mufti
If a woman wants to breastfeed a child for the purpose of making him foster brother of her children will it be permissible?
How many breastfeeds are required to make the child a foster son, and how much milk supply is required in each feed if more than one session of breastfeeding is to be conducted?

Hanafi Fiqh


Asallamualaykumm, this is for a lady to answer so please pass on, jzk I suffer with endometrosis I get cysts with it , even if I stop the bleeding with contraceptive it’s taking over my life I currently have 2 I’m waiting to get married and this could jeopardise my chance of having children. The doctors say I will not be able to prevent this happening as I have stage three and constant endometrial cysts which can onlly be removed via surgery I would like some advise on what to do best to control this I took the mirena coil but still got the cysts. I also have very painful large sized chest which are size JJ currently I’m only 5’2 not fat either the weight is all on my chest I’ve requested a reduction as this is painful I’d this permissible as it causes me so much pain and health issues the doctors agree and have referred me I have to carry the weight of them and the weight of the cysts it’s all a lot for me and my health I’m really fatigued please can you advise me with anything you can and keep me in your duas