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Some Rulings of Nursery

I have divorced my wife ,who is a Canadian national, an Arab by birth and a Muslim by faith- and since an Islamic court gave her the right to custody and gave me the right to visitation and overnight stay, she took that verdict and presented it to the Canadian embassy to prove her right to custody. This results in many rights in light of the Canadian Law since it doesn`t recognize the father`s right to guardianship over his children. Could you clarify the rights and obligations of the person who has the right to custody and guardianship?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling when Traders Ask the Management of a Factory to Sell them Goods for which there is a Local Agent

Traders purchase goods from local and international markets and exert tremendous efforts to promote them and provide after sale services. Others go to the main factory (Local or abroad) or the local importer and make different attempts which I will mention seeking the ruling of Sharia on each in order for my fellow traders and I to adhere to the teachings of Sharia in this regard. 1-The external supplier or the factory-foreign or domestic-agreed with a local trader to be the sole local agent in his country and the latter does his duty in terms of promotion, providing after-sale services and the necessary maintenance. A-My question, here, is when a local trader contacts the foreign supplier or factory and asks them to sell him that same commodity and stop selling it to the local agent under any excuse. B-A local trader contacts the foreign supplier or the factory and asks to be sold the same commodity under a different name or brand while keeping the local agent of that same commodity. In other words, the same commodity is to be sold in the market under its original name through the local agent and under other names through another trader. C- In any of the two aforementioned cases and aiming to cause harm to the local agent, the local trader seeks to pave the way for the factory to increase the price of the commodity or push the local agent to order greater quantities of that commodity although the market may not be in need for that. D-In all cases: The act of going to the factory owner or the foreign supplier in the first, second or third case could cause the local agent to experience different levels of stress. 2-The external supplier and the factory-foreign or domestic-agree with a local trader to be the sole agent in his country, but the former fails to promote the commodity, provide after-sale service and maintenance. Is it permissible for the traders to contact the owner of the factory in order to be either the agents of the original commodity itself or under other names. 3-All these questions fall into two parts: The goods are essential to the ordinary consumer. They comprise of foodstuffs, home appliances, electric appliances or machines and the like. "Allah's Messenger (Blessings and peace be upon him) forbade one to bid against another (to raise the price); that someone sell (his product) by canceling the sale of his brother."[Agreed upon] apply on all the aforementioned? Does this Hadith indicate prohibition selling a product by cancelling the sale of his brother or the Messenger (Blessings and peace be upon him) is just calling for enjoying good manners?

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