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Is there a procedure for talaq, and is it valid if said in anger?

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asalam ali kum what is the procedure of talaq, is it possible if husband say three times talaq then every thing is finish, i read any where that there is a procedure or there is some duration after that talaq is applied, and also talaq is not valid in anger please give me the way i am very thankful to you


(Fatwa: 1523/1537/M=1430)

Talaq takes place in the state of anger as well. There are three ways to divorce: (a) to give one revocable (raj?ee) talaq when she is not in her menses without having intercourse, then not revoking the talaq until the iddah passes. In this way, one can revoke talaq within iddah and after iddah they can perform nikah again with mutual will without halala. This is the best way to give talaq. (b) The second way to give three talaqs in three menstruation-free cycles separately. This is not better way. In this way, nikah cannot be performed again without halala. (c) The three way is Talaq Bid?at which is of several kinds e.g. he gives her talaq in menses, or in menstruation-free period in which he had intercourse with her, or gives three talaqs in one go or in one meeting or in one menstruation-free period. The ruling of this talaq is that the divorcer will be sinful but the talaq will remain valid.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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