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Conjugal Rights

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Q: What is the Islamic ruling of fulfilling spouses conjugal rights. I do however know that if a women does not fulfill her husband’s rights she will be cursed throughout the night. However are my my rights as a wife as my husband does not fulfill my rights. When I go to him he’s always not in the mood or too tired. Is this right in Islam that I can only have my rights fulfilled when he has his desire? I’m suffering αnd trying my utmost not to commit any sin. Please can you give the sharia ruling regarding this.

A: There is no Shar’i stipulation in regard to the number of times the husband should have relations with his wife. Fulfilling the wife’s conjugal rights is an issue based upon need. Hence when the need arises the husband should fulfill the conjugal rights to the best of his ability. However due to some valid excuse e.g. illness, weakness etc. he is unable to fulfill her rights, he will be excused in the court of Allah Ta’ala. He should not allow four months to pass without fulfilling her conjugal right.

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