four months

Husband didn’t sign on divorce.

I received a divorce letter four months ago in which my husband’s sign are mentioned and completed my iddah as well. Now my husband is saying that he did not sign that Divorce paper, as he lives abroad so he asked his father to process the divorce and his father...

Hadiths on ‘Iddah

Kindly share Hadiths related to the ‘iddah (waiting period), especially if there is a Hadith mentioning virtues for a woman who passes away during it.

The period of mourning for the deceased

Q. How long is the mourning of the deceased permissible for in Islam? A. In Islam, the mourning of the loss of the deceased is only allowed for three days after the death of the deceased. It is incorrect to mourn the loss of the deceased after three days of the death...

The Iddah period for a woman who is pregnant? 

Q. Muhtaram Mufti Saheb, A womans husband passed away while she was in the nifaas period after giving birth to his child. Is there iddat for her ?  A. If a woman became widowed after she had given birth and whilst she was experiencing post-natal bleeding (Nifaas), she...