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Traveller and Taraweeh

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Q: I would like advice on the following please:

1. Inheritance: I would to draw up an Islamic will and would like to know how I should distribute my assets. I have my parents and 3 sisters in my family; no brothers.

2. Taraweeh: I am a frequent traveller and perform Qasr salaah as I never stay at a place longer then 5 days but I travel every week. I would like to perform Taraweeh salaah and is it permissible to include the salaah before performing the witr rakaat?

A: 1. If these are the relatives living when you pass away then your mother will receive one sixth and your father will receive the balance of your estate. Your sisters will not receive anything.

2. If you have time you should perform your taraaweeh salah. You should perform it after your esha salah and before your witr salah.

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