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Pornography Addiction

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I am a seventeen year old boy, and also go for tabligh, pray five times a day ever since my i was 11 years old. but i have a problem with commiting very grave sins. Could you please tell me any dua to keep away from every type of sin whether big or small please. I make oaths with Allah to keep away from pornography but still i engage in that stuff. I make several oaths at a time and still do that, though i do not musturbate. I kept my oath for 1 and a half year but today i again opened the site but did not watch, just saw a picture for a second. I am very scared if i will engage again in doing those things. Please please tell me any dua to keep away from it And why does that happen even though i pray my salaat and go for tabligh every month. If i make promise again with my full heart for ever, will my dua’s be excepted. And how much kuffara i need to give because i dont remember how many time i broke my oaths in the past. Please reply me, because i did not get any reply for my previous question. Reply me as soon as possible.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh

As a 17 year old, you are regarded as an adult in Shariah. You will be rewarded for the good you do and punished for the sins you commit. You complain of committing sins and request for a Dua to abstain from sins. Your complain and request is motivated by your sense of Iman. This is the Barakah of performing your 5 daily Salaah and going out in Tableegh. Continue with that.

You are in an age of adult biological development where you will experience carnal desires.While making Dua to suppress carnal desires is beneficial, it is not sufficient. You have a Nafs in you which is also loosely termed as your innate desire. You will have to take control of that and fight it and avoid sinning. To go against the Nafs is painful as it will not get what it wants. When one fights the Nafs few times and deprives it of its carnal appetite, it comes under control. The carnal desires are not and cannot be eliminated. They are natural and will remain. The test of the Nafs is to fight it and control it. It is at this point one enjoys the sweetness of Iman as the Nafs is being deprived for the pleasure of Allah. Keep yourself away from all places and things for example the computer that will provoke your carnal desires and lead you to a point of desperation to commit sin. Keep the computer in a open area where others can see you. Keep literature with bold heading like ‘Allah is watching you’ etc around you. The sight of that will deter you from sinning. You are a youth and in the prime of your life. Nurture yourself in the worship of Allah and secure yourself a place beneath the throne of Allah as stated in the Hadith.

And Allah knows Best;

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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