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Salafi claims “Abdul Qadir jeelani said there can be no wali in hanafi” quote “Tabaqaat ibn Rajab vol.1. p102” pls clarify

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Assalamu alaikum during discussion on ahya.org a salafi brother claims that Abdul qadir jeelaani is quoted as saying that there can be no wali in hanafi. Is it true? Is is quoted out of context?


Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of ‘Tabaqaat ibn Rajab’. Thus, we are
unable to certify this claim.

However, the reality of affairs will comfortably refute it’s apparent
meaning. The number of saints who were Hanafi and were accepted to be great
Walis of Allah by their own contemporaries, as well as those that come after
them are innumerable. In fact, regarding Imaam Abu Hanifa (RA) himself (the
founder of the Hanafi Madhab), there are quotations of great Ulama who
testified to his extreme piety.

Imam Isa ibn Yunus (RA) says, ‘Do not speak ill of Imaam Abu Hanifa nor
should you believe anyone who does so. For verily, by the oath of Allah. I
haven’t seen anyone more virtuous, more pious and more greater a Faqeeh
(theologian) than him.’ (al-Intiqaa of Hafiz ibn Abdul-Barr pg.212)

The following scholars also mentioned that they didn’t see anyone more pious
(more greater a Wali of Allah) than Imaam Abu Hanifa (RA), a) Imaam Abdullah
ibn al-Mubaarak, b) Imaam Makki ibn Ibraahim, c) Imaam Nadhar ibn Muhammad

In fact, Imaam Yazeed ibn Harun (RA) states, ‘I have studied under 1000
scholars and I haven’t seen among them anyone who was more pious and more
protective over what he said than him (i.e. Imaam Abu Hanifa). (for
reference for the above see Taarikh Baghdaad vol.13 pg.356-358; Tabyidu
Saheefa of Allaamah Suyuti pg.106; al-Khayraatul Hissaan of Hafiz ibn Hajar
al-Haytami pg.97)

Imam Hasan ibn Saalih says, ‘Imaam Abu Hanifa was extremely fearful of
Almighty Allah.’ (Manaaqib Imaam Abi Hanifa of Imaam Dhahabiy pg.10)

After reading the above, the fallacy of the assumed meaning of the statement
of Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir Jailaaniy (RA) can be understood.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Muhammad ibn Moulana Haroon Abassommar


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