I started Namaaz when I was 12 years old.But I don’t know the whole meaning of it(because I don’t know Arabic)and cannot pray with full concentration.

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Can I read my Namaaz in English, if yes please e-mail me the whole meaning of Namaaz in English. Salaam


From your question it seems that you are able to read Arabic. If so, you must perform your Salaat in the language of the Quraan.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q: I have a severe concentration problem especially in Salat. Doctors prescribe medicine but it just makes me sick and I am afraid of it’s side effects. This makes me very unmotivated and depressed. What should I do?
A: Allah Ta’ala has made each person responsible to concentrate according to his capability. Therefore, one should not resort to medication or other drastic measures, in order to attain total concentration. Yes, one should endervour to keep one’s mind in Salaat as far as possible. A simple method which would help one to attain concerntation in Salaat, is that one should firstly pause for a few seconds before Salaat, and ask oneself, ?Who am I standing in front of and what am I about to perform??. Concentrate on one’s postures. Look at how the feet are positioned, how the hands are tied, etc. then concentrate on the recitation. Listen to oneself as if listening to someone else. Read with this thought in mind that Allah Ta’ala has requested to recite the noble Qur’aan to Him. If following an Imaam, then follow his recitation attentively.

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