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I know that tasmia “BISMILLA-HIRRAHMA-NIRRAHEEM” is not a part of any surah of the Holy Quran except surah Namal and also that it is a mustaqil ayah of Quraan-e-majeed, and it is present in between two suras to differentiate between them. So we have “BISMILLA-HIRRAHMA-NIRRAHEEM” written in the beginning of every surah (113 suras altogether) of the Holy Quran (except surah Tauba), my question is, is the ayah “BISMILLA-HIRRAHMA-NIRRAHEEM” revealed 113 times or is it revealed just one time and the sahaaba added it in the beginning of every surah to differentiate between them. I was reading the tafseer Maariful Quran , on page 20 it says that in the first rakaah of the salaah it is a wajib to recite tasmia “BISMILLA-HIRRAHMA-NIRRAHEEM” after taawwuz (AOOZUBILLAHI MINASHSHAITAA-NIRRAGEEM), I was unable to understand this so could you please explain why it is a wajib to recite tasmia. Whatever Allah (SWT) commands in the Holy Quran it becomes a fard automatically , so according to this, is saying AOOZUBILLAHI MINASHSHAITAA-NIRRAGEEM before reciting the Holy Quran a fard because Allah (SWT) commands so.

I need to know about giving the sawab of reciting Quraan