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Mirzai Qadianis objections on khatame nabuwat

Qadianis mizais claim that khatam e nabuwat doesnot mean the end of prophethood.They give following arguments.
1.khattam means seal of prophets not final prophet.
2.muslims unanimously believe that prophet Essaa alaihis salam will return.if there is no need of any prophet after khatame nabuwat then why will essaa alaihis salam return. duroode ibraheemi all muslims pray for biggest blessings upon aale Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa aala aalihi wasallim like blessings upon aal of ibrahim alsihis salaam.qadianis say that biggest blessing among aale ibrahim was that they became prophets.
4.qadianis say that prophet Esa alaihis salam died and quraan used word Tawaffi which means death and there is no logic to consider that tawaffi means to get lifted without dying.
5.qadianis claim that the one who had to come wasnt jesus but an ummati prophet.

Hanafi Fiqh

Hifdh and menstruation

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

We have recently started a Hifdh class for girls. Alhamdulillah, we have had great interest and have many students who have joined.

The issue we are facing is that when the students are on their menstruation, according to everything we have studied, it has always been the teaching that reciting the Quraan is not permissible during those days.

We wanted to ask if this a hard and fast ruling. As in, are there any exemptions?
We are aware of difference of opinions of the Ulama, with some giving the permissibility to just read without touching in such a state.
Is this an opinion we can take?

Asking the girls not to recite or go over their Hifdh for 7 to 10 days causes alot of nuqsaan in their progress. It leads to them forgetting the previously memorised portions and then, once pure, they just about get back on track with learning when the same issue rises again.

We would really appreciate a fatwa on the matter.

Jazakumullah khayr

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