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1. I am Hanafi if I marry a Shafi do I have to convert and change my method of performing Sallah and other practices. (I am female)2. Is performing Salami and Maulid rituals bidah?

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I would like to marry a man whom I like but am afraid due to Islamic differences. Firstly he is Shafi and I am Hanafi, If i marry will I have to convert. I do not want to change the way i perform salaah etc. Also will our children be shafi or hanafi and in terms of which school would i be complied to educate them in. I would like to educate them according to my school as I know more about it and also because madressahs teach in terms of the hanafi school. Also his family perform salami maulids and other mass zikr functions. In my knowledge the maulids and zikr functions are bidah and prohibited, is this correct? what is the ruling on reading of salami? If i marry into this family will it be permissible to leave/walk out when these practises commence? Also am i allowed to refuse to have such functions in my marital house (and if salami is prohibited what so I do if he reads it in our house) I want to live a life of piety Insha Allah and do not want to get involved if these things are bad for my faith please advise me. I am confused as many people have given me very different views on the permissability of these rituals. Jazakallah Khair


There is absolutely no need for you to change your Math-hab. Your Salaah and other Shar’i practices will not be affected by marrying a man who belongs to the Shafi?ee school of thought. You should therefore continue fulfilling your Shar’i duties in harmony with the teachings of the Hanafi school of thought.

With regards to your children, it is most appropriate that they are educated according to the Hanafi school of thought since you, as the mother of the children is capable of imparting to them the teachings of Shari?ah in light of the Hanafi Math-hab and since all the Madaaris in your area teach in terms of the Hanafi School.

To make Zikr and to send Salaam upon our beloved Nabi (S.A.W.) are indeed such acts of Ibaadah which are greatly encouraged and loved by Allah (S.W.T.), but the manner in which these functions (salami, Maulood etc.) are held is objectionable and some of the activities which take place are not in conformity with the dictates of Shari?ah. Functions of this kind are not proven from the Qur?an and Hadith nor were it the practice of the Sahabah. As a result, these functions are an addition to Shari?ah and therefore categorized as Bid?ah. You should explain the aforementioned to his family and ask Allah to grant them understanding.

You have all the right to refuse to have these functions in your marital home and you should not participate once they commence.

Our advice to you is that you should marry someone who does not take part in these programs since the one who is involved in these activities could have a great amount of influence on you and your children. May Allah (S.W.T.) grant you a pious life, Aameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf


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