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Is there a prescribed method for istinjaa after passing stool ? (i.e sunnat etc)

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While in jamaat we did ?Muzakhara? on istinjaa and we explained how we did istinjaa after passing stool. People were of the opinion that my method is incorrect and cleanliness is not achieved. After passing stool I clean the area with toilet paper to lessen the impurity. Then instead of using all four fingers I wet two fingers and wash / rub the affected area a number of times until I am satisfied. After washing I use toilet paper again and if any impurity was still on the body then this will easily show on the tissue. If impurity is found then I wash the area again until I am sure no impurity is left on the body I don’t actually pour any water onto the body. I only do this after urinating because you can see what you are doing. Please clarify if this method of istinjaa is acceptable. I don’t like to use all four fingers because I am worried about spreading the impurity or impure water on or around the back passage. Is the water on the hand impure or napaak. If the area around the back passage becomes wet by the hand will this area also become napaak. At times after istinjaa I am constantly worried if my istinjaa is done. It plays on my mind. I get frustrated and end up in a depressed mood even with my family members. I have suffered from waswasah in the past with namaaz and wuzu etc is this shaytaan trying to get to me from another angle ? Is the water which is left on the body after istinjaa napaak ?


Yes, there is a prescribed method of making Istinjaa.

At the beginning of Istinja, it is preferable to use toilet paper 3 times. If Istinjaa is being done on a hot day, then the person should start from the front to the back and then from the back to the front and the third time from the front to the back. If Istinjaa is being done on a cold day, then he should begin from the back to the front.

After wiping, he should wash his hand first and then he should cleanse himself with 2 fingers and 3 fingers if necessary together with ?pouring? water. When using the 2 fingers, one should keep the middle finger in front and the ring and index finger behind it. After beginning with the fingers in this position, he should bring the ring finger forward and rub with the middle finger and ring finger. Thereafter, he will wipe with the index finger, if necessary.

He should continue until all the impurity and smell is removed. The left over water after Istinjaa is paak only if there is no impurity in it.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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