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Why is it necessary to follow only ONE Imam/Mazhab?.

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I am a follower of Hanafi Mazhab. I would like to know ” Why is it necessary to follow only ONE Imam/Mazhab?. Why cant we choose all the good things from all imams/mazhabs, (e.g. rafa-ya-daen, saying “Aaameeen” loudly during namaaz etc), thinking in mind, that all the imams have practiced the Sunnah of Rasullah (S)?


Respected Brother-in-Islam

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu

Taqleed means to follow.
Allah Taãla says in the Noble Qurãn, ‘Ask the learned if you do not know’.
). Since our knowledge is limited in Shariáh (Qurãn and Hadith), we are to
follow the learned Úlama i.e. to make Taqleed and be a Muqallid.

Before we introduce the book, ‘Taqleed’ for your reading, note the following
A surgeon performing an operation has a choice to use several methods to
perform the operation viz. Sir John, Hamiltom and Sir Conner’s methods. All
these methods are correct. When applied, each method (individually) have to
be carried out in its entirety – the operation cannot be done by applying a
little of the method of Sir John and a little of Sir Conner’s and a little
of Hamilton. Despite all being correct applications, only one method of
application may be used for a particular operation each time. Similarly, a
Muslim is required to follow one Madhab at a time so as not to confuse the
various applications. It must be understood that the knowledge of the
Sahaaba (Radhiyallaahu Ánhu) possessed is in no comparison to ours. Hence,
our understanding of the interpretations to the variations of each matter
could cause immeasurable confusion. We hope by reading this booklet, you
will have a clear understanding of the subject matter.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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