To do hajj or not? Myself & my wife are living in Saudi, I hve arranged a visit visa for my mom for the purpose of supporting my wife after her delivery in August& also I wanted my mom&dad

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to perform theirHAJJ insha allah this year.My mom agreed to come to saudi on a condition that I must bring my dad to stay along with us for hajj as well. But due to certain visa restrictions my dad couldn’t able to come to saudi NOW. I assured & told my mom that I will by anyhow bring my dad thru Haj committee or thru pvt haj travels during the month of Dhul Qada, I mean one month bfore haj.Now my dad’s health condition in India is very bad & not maintaining his health properly. I hve brothers&sisters but living seperately just 5 to10kms away from my dad’s house.Only one younger bro&his wife r living with my dad. All brothers r willing to takecare of my dad but my dad is not allowing them to lookafter him.My Dad requires either mine or my mom’s support, he never trust on anybody else.My wife delivered a boy in August alhamdulillah but thru cesarean.Now my mom is very upset & angry upon me.She wants to go back to India to takecare of my dad & at the same time she wanted to do her HAJJ. She is confused now as to what should b done in this situation. EITHER TO GO BACK TO INDIA TO LOOKAFTER MY DAD or TO WAIT TILL SHE COMPLETES HER HAJJ. My parents are aged now.My mom is 68 yrs, dad is around 74 yrs. It has been a dream for me since 5 yrs. Could not able to bring my parents for hajj due to financial problems. Now this year I hve money but the problem is different.My only dream is to see that my parents perform hajj.PLEASE ADVISE URGENTLY,pl pray for us


Insha Allah, you will be rewarded for your good intentions towards your parents. The changing of conditions is in the hands of Allah. It is not in anyone’s control.

If your father requires the assistance of your mom, you should send her back as soon as possible.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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