Husband does not trust me or support me financially nor does he show any affection towards i allowed to ask for a talaaq on the grounds of my sexual needs not being fulfilled.

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It would be advisable for you to get someone from your family to discuss your problems with the intention of attempting a reconciliation first. However, the person who represents you must be of sound mind, sound temperaments, no-judgmental, of good intellect, and who has both the good of you and your husband at heart. Likewise, it would be advisable, the same from his family. Address the problems with possible solutions and possible commitments.

However, before going into this blindly and being blamed, asses what are your possible faults / weaknesses, etc. which you accept and may be blamed for and your input to possible change. Then, also question as to what makes him not to trust you. also, clarify your financial needs as far as shelter, food and basic requirements. Perhaps, put forth other needs, that out of his good qualities, kindness and love he will give you much more, Insha Allah. However, do not build high expectations and subsequently be let down into depression should he not fulfil those expectations.

As far as affection, does he have interests besides yourself? Use your feminine qualities to win his love and attention. If, because of your situation, you may have become difficult or angry or other off-putting attitudes, change it to positive, soft, loving, friendly. This alone will help you whatever the outcome.

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