I have been working in a testing project for 4 years.I want to go out of the project as early as possible.I got oppurtunity to go out 2 months back.I extended my stay due to the following doubt.

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Assalamu alaikum Mufti Saheb.Our job is to test a software called SM.We test SM software once in every 6 months.We test some testcases using a software tool called VTEST.VTEST fails a testcase in two cases.(case1)If it finds any failure in SM (case2)If VTEST itself has some problem for any testcase,it fails that testcase even though there is no failure in SM.In both cases,VTEST gives details for the failures in a LOG FILE.We examine the LOG FILE in case of failures.If it is a failure of SM,we raise FAULT for SM.Then developer will fix that fault in SM software.If it is a failure of VTEST,we used to ignore that as it is not a SM failure.In this case ideally we should raise a VTEST FAULT.Generally we do not raise VTEST FAULTs (though we have free time during office hours) as VTEST is used for our own purpose.Had I raised VTEST FAULTs, a lot of time of the testers might have been saved provided the VTEST FAULTs have been fixed.Thus the number of testers in our project might have been reduced.(1)Am I responsible for the loss to the company?But I can not calculate the loss to the company because there is no gaurantee that all the VTEST FAULTs are fixed.Some VTEST FAULTS which were raised nearly 3 years back are not yet fixed.(2)How can I compensate? Is it sufficient if I raise all those VTEST FAULTS now?Or do I have to do some extra work to the company(by raising VTEST FAULTs in some other area other than mine).


If raising the vtest faults was part of your job, then by not raising them, you didn?t fulfil the job for which you were employed.

If it is possible to raise them now, then do so, otherwise approach the management and explain the situation to them, leaving it to them to decide the best way to redress it.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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