My brother and me are engaged to two sisters to be married next month Inshallah on the same date/day

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My brother and me are engaged to two sisters to be married next month Inshallah on the same date/day (engaged…in the sense…my father told the girl’s father that ‘we want to marry your daughters’ without any formal engagement ceremony though). (Both the families are religious; the girls perform salat regularly and do hijab…tableeghi jamat). Both the families (ours and the girls’) tried doing istekhara. We did not see any dreams, etc but the girls’ family said, they have found that the marriages being done or something positive. My family and the girls family are ok with these proposals, so are we brothers. Both the families started making preparations and fixed the date of marriage, booked the wedding halls, etc. When my grand parents (maternal) were informed about this, they are strongly objecting, telling my mother that ‘why are you marrying both the sons in the same house (meaning two sisters), since both the sisters will not be happy’ (may be she is telling this from her experience). She added that if there will be some issue (quarrel), etc (Allah forbid) in the house, then both the sisters will become one party and my mother will be left alone. Currently I am in US but the marriage will be in India, Hyderabad, Inshallah. Can you please give some advice on this? Should we go-ahead with the marriage or otherwise? Jazakallahukhairan.


You state both families are religious and are involved in Tabligh. Surely, all their personal issues of life will also be religious and governed by the Shari’ah principles. If both the sisters are also religious, they will fear Allah and do the right thing. They will not side each other in wrong.

If the wives of the brothers are not sisters, then too both could unite on wrong and be one party against the mother-in-law if they are not religious. Our humble opinion is the marriage should continue.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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