Imaam after the juma khutba will always address the people for about ten minutes and then start the salaah

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Recently i had a brother who asked me regarding our imaam who after the juma khutba will always address the people for about ten minutes and then start the salaah. He seemed to find contrary to the teachings of deen and saw it as a bidat. From my understanding the normal procedure would be to start the salaah immediateky after the khutba but the reason why this imaam gives a ten minute speech is because first of all at that time most of the musallees are present and he adresses the people on very important current issues and he feels it’s important that everyone is present. Would this be correct or not? Also many of my questions are based on whether any act is bidat or ont. Please could you also clarify what bidat is?


The action of the Imam is incorrect for a number of reason viz.

1. It creates a gap between the Khutbah and the salah,when the sunnah manner is that no foreign action should come between the Khutbah and the salah. Immediately upon termination of the khutbah the Iqamah is to be given and the salah should begin. (Fatawa Rahimiyyah Vol.6 Pg.129, Shaami Vol.2 Pg.161-H.M.Saeed)

2. It is contrary to the sunnah which is to start the salah immediately upon completion of the khutbah.The correct time for the lecture is before the khutbah. This was the practice of the Sahabah (Radhiallahu Anhum) and this practice has been passed down to us.(Ibid)

3. During the entire duration of his talk, the musallees would be forced to rigorously comply with the conditions of listening to the khutbah, as these conditions are applicable from the beginning of the khutbah until completion of salah. It is incorrect for him to burden the musallees in this manner. (Fatawa Mufti Mahmood Multani Vol.2 Pg.441)

Thus it is necessary for the Imam to discard this incorrect practice and adopt the sunnah manner.

If he wishes to lecture when all are available, he should give a lecture at a time when all the musallees would be happy to attend.


and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best


Mufti Husain Kadodia


CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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