I work in Kuwait and i have been hired by a company with the designation of a Translator of Arabic and English

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I work in Kuwait and i have been hired by a company with the designation of a Translator of Arabic and English.I have to translate the language for the americans working with me.Anyhow it’s been a long time they have restricted the entry for the drivers in the camp (U.S. Army ) and now there is no requirment of Arabic speaking.Once in a blue moon there will be someone who cannot communicate in english so me and any one of my colleagues will translate the language.But mostly our work consists of giving the information of the stuff moving in or outside which comes from United States.And in this process i have to be friendly with all the americans and the soldiers working with me.And i also have some good friends.


Today i have heard on the television on one of the Islamic channel that we should not make any friendship with the yahudees or nasaara.I earn a very very good pay from my company and i am very good at my part of the job.The only thing is i give the information what is going on at my place about the stuff to my Senior officers who are americans and work in a diffrent office in the camp.They cannot come and see what is going on at my place so i have to provide the information.My friends thay tell me everytime that the pay i am getting in this job is Haraam or illegitimate.I want to ask you what shall i do.I have made a neeyat in my heart that i will not make any friends or keep friendship with these americans.I have got the job after a long time and it is very difficult for me to get a job or get such a good pay in Kuwait.And one more thing is i have been promised by one of my seniors for a very big help regarding the Visa.So i am taking his help and getting his sponsorship.


I have Two questions regarding my Situation:

1.Shall i take the visa or help provided by this american?


2.After coming back shall i join the job or is it true what my friends are telling me?


Your employment is not deemed as friendship of the disbelievers. Such employment is not Haraam but rather unadvisable.

1. Yes, you may take this visa.

2. You may join if you have nothing else available.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Fatwa Dept.)

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