Father was murdered and body was thrown in the ocean, what duas to recite.

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Assalaamu Alaikum, My father had been missing in another country since 1996 and just few months ago a man testified in a court that he along with his mother had indeed drugged, drowned and murdered my father and his body was thrown away in the ocean… the body has never been found as it was thrown in to a ocean. Could you please advise on 1. What duas, namaz should be said and performed 2. Should a Janaaza Salaat be made in absence of the body at the local mosque? 3. What happens to the soul of such people who do not get a proper burial or grave and are murdered like this? Your answers would be much appreciated. Allah Kareem


You should take consolement in the fact that your father would be greatly rewarded because of being murdered.

You and your family should adopt patience and perform as many good actions as possible, sending the reward for them to your father. Their is no Janazah salah or specific actions to be carried out. If he was killed for his wealth, then he is a Shaheed (Martyr) and would achieve the lofty status reserved for the Shuhadah, inshallah

May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannah

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Husain Kadodia

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